What To Do If Your Sewer Is Stopped Up

  • First try to determine if the problem is the districts responsibility or if it is yours. You can determine who’s responsibility the stop up is with this picture:
  • Most of the district cleanouts are inside of concrete boxes marked sewer. Some cleanouts are just cast iron pipes that usually stick up about 6 inches above ground level.
  • Once you find the district cleanout try to determine if there is sewage leaking from it.
    • Usually if the stop up is on the district side of the line there will be sewage coming out of the cleanout.
    • If there is no sewage visible than you can determine if the stop up is the districts or yours by pulling the cap off of your cleanout pipe.
    • If the pipe is dry than the stop up is probably your responsibility.
    • If there is sewage in the pipe than the stop up is the districts responsibility.
  • If the district is responsible for the stop up than call us.
  • If the district is not responsible than you may need to call a plumber.
  • If you can not find the district cleanout or need any help determining responsibility than please call us.
  • There is no charge to you for us to come out to determine the responsibility.
  • If the district is responsible for the stopped up sewer there is no charge to fix the problem. If the responsibility is on your side of the sewer than you are responsible for any charges that a plumber may charge.

To contact the district for a stopped up sewer please call:

(530) 623-6529